Our Story

Group PyramidAs a Midland youth minister in the late 1990s, Jay Marquez received a challenging question from a youth group member, wanting to know why ‘outreach’ was only ever discussed, not actively practiced.

Resolving immediately to ‘walk the walk,’ members of the youth group promptly moved that evening’s gathering place to Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, located on the East side of Midland. Through a volleyball game and hot dog cookout, the group was able to engage in conversation, activities, a meal, and group prayer with a number of young gang members. In time, recognizing the evidence of God at work in the lives of their new friends, some of the (now former) gang members began to develop their own personal relationships with Christ and live in discipleship.

This impactful experience inspired the establishment of Teen F.L.O.W. in 2000. As Jay and his wife, Marie Marquez, developed the organization and ministered to its youth over a 15-year period, they have repeatedly witnessed the personal growth, community involvement, and spiritual empowerment of young people in the Permian Basin region.

“Why is outreach only ever discussed, not actively practiced?”


Over 270 Students make the decision to Christianity each year.


Registered Students
(walked through the doors)


Average students attending Tuesday and Thursday nights.


Increase in High School graduations.