Our Mission

“Describe your days as if Teen F.L.O.W. never existed.”

“I’d be lost.” – 2nd year registrant

Today’s youth are seeking secure and peaceful lives of hope. Teen F.L.O.W. reaches out to the youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ, equipping them for godly and productive lives.”

- Teen F.L.O.W. Mission Statement

Since 2000, through an outreach ministry, which promotes engagement rather than endorsement, Teen F.L.O.W. has increased its interest level exponentially each year.


Among Teen F.L.O.W. students, rates of behavior-related problems, class failure/school dropouts, teen pregnancies, and gang participation have been reduced significantly as a result of the organization’s evidence-based programs.


Teen F.L.O.W. Youth Ministry receives funding through contributions made by foundations, businesses, local churches, and individuals. The support, compassion, and generosity of these donors has allowed Teen F.L.O.W. to minister to thousands of teens, giving them opportunities to consider new possibilities, becoming proud of who they are, and most importantly, being confident in who Christ created them to be.