“I Am making everything new”

REV 21:5

Youth service has moved to Sundays at 11:30 at the TF Building


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Teen F.L.O.W. (Faithful Leader Of the Word) is a non profit Christian Center with programs for teenagers to come and enjoy, without the pressure of their peers. The center reaches out to youth through the facilities and through our Outreach Program. Simply by going out and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing youth back for our Tuesday night discipleship classes with faith that the students go out and share with someone else. The Youth Center is open Tuesdays and Thursdays after school to benefit the youth. Along with the Bible Studies it is equipped with computers, and also tutoring to help the students with their studies. The Center also has volleyball and basketball courts, along with a fully equipped game room to encourage and build relationships between the Youth and volunteers through extra-curricular activities. Teen F.L.O.W. Outreach Youth Ministries is funded through individuals, businesses, foundations and local churches.

Today’s youth are seeking secure and peaceful lives of hope. Teen F.L.O.W. reaches out to the youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, equipping them for Godly and productive lives.